Best of Jackson Hole 2018 Readers’ Choice

By on April 4, 2018


On the cover: Frost, the gold medal winner for Best Salon. (Sarah Averill)

Readers’ Choice


People + Living

Best Nonprofit

GOLD: Animal Adoption Center

SILVER: Hole Food Rescue




Best Charity Event

GOLD: Old Bill’s Fun Run

SILVER: Dancing With The JH Stars

BRONZE: Bras for a Cause



Best Teacher

GOLD: Krista Stevens

SILVER: Kathy Parrot

BRONZE: Andrea Overly


Best Lawyer

GOLD: Dick Stout

SILVER: Rosie Read

BRONZE: Doug Schultz


Best Dentist

GOLD: Dr. Scott Larsen

SILVER: Dr. Summer Owens

BRONZE: Dr. Catherine M Tebay



Best Nurse

GOLD: Mary Ness

SILVER: Keith Virostko

BRONZE: Jill Walsh


Best Athlete

GOLD: Travis Rice

SILVER: Ryan Burke

BRONZE: Resi Stiegler


Best Athlete (under 17)

GOLD: Kai Jones

SILVER: Natalie Joralemon

BRONZE: Annabel Hagen


Best Real Estate Agent

GOLD: Katie Colbert Brady

SILVER: Marybeth Hansen

BRONZE: Brett McPeak


Best Elected Official

GOLD: Pete Muldoon

SILVER: Greg Epstein

BRONZE: Jim Stanford


Best Dressed

GOLD: Blake Morley

SILVER: Christian Burch

BRONZE: Ana Maretic


Best Elected Official Who Doesn’t Hold Office

GOLD: Mark Barron

SILVER: Sara Flitner

BRONZE: Sandy Birdyshaw


Best Boss

GOLD: Joe Rice

SILVER: Gavin Fine

BRONZE: Dan Forman


Best Librarian

GOLD: Maria Hayashida

SILVER: Diana Eden

BRONZE: Joe Gagnon


Best Interior Designer

GOLD: Kristin Fay

SILVER: Cynthia Harms

BRONZE: Kate Binger


Best Knee Doctor

GOLD:  Dr. David J Khoury

SILVER: Dr. Angus Goetz

BRONZE: Dr. Andrew B Bullington


Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner

GOLD: Kevin Meehan

SILVER: Mark Menolascino

BRONZE: Monique Lai


Best Physical Therapist

GOLD: Hayden Hilke

SILVER: Scott Harmon

BRONZE: Francine Bartlett

Best Massage Therapist

GOLD: Rena Trail

SILVER: Dan Hady

BRONZE: Jen Franco


Best Architect

GOLD: Jamie Farmer

SILVER: John Carney

BRONZE: Nona Yehia


Best Hairstylist

GOLD: Hannah Poindexter

SILVER: Jenny Bragg

BRONZE: Chad Spracklen


Best River Guide

GOLD: Dave Hansen

SILVER: Lorraine Adams



Best Mountain Guide

GOLD: Christian Santelices

SILVER: Brendan Burns

BRONZE: Zahan Billimoria


Best Blogger

GOLD: Meagan Murtagh, “The Egg Out West”

SILVER: Jessica Gill,  “Wanderlust Out West”

BRONZE: Annie Fenn,  “Jackson Hole Foodie”


Best Banker

GOLD: Pete Lawton

SILVER: Henry Jones

BRONZE: Jim Ryan


Best Physician

GOLD:  Dr. James Little

SILVER: Dr. Tom Pockat

BRONZE: Dr. Michael J Menolascino


Best Reason to Drive to Victor/Driggs

GOLD: Grand Targhee Ski Resort

SILVER: Huckleberry Shakes at the Victor Emporium

BRONZE: Knotty Pine Supper Club


Best Yoga/Fitness Instructor

GOLD: Ariel Mann

SILVER: Neesha Zollinger

BRONZE: Bea Whitton



Best in Uniform

GOLD: Ben Thurston, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

SILVER: Sgt Michelle Weber, Jackson Police Dept

BRONZE: Lt Matt Carr, Teton County Sherriff

Goods + Services

Best New Business

GOLD: Exitus Escape Rooms


BRONZE: Sweet Cheeks Meats


Best Clothing Store

GOLD: Nest

SILVER: Penny Lane

BRONZE: Altitude



Best Hotel

GOLD: The Wort Hotel

SILVER: Hotel Jackson

BRONZE: Hotel Terra


Best Full-Service Spa

GOLD: Four Seasons Resort

SILVER: Rusty Parrot Lodge & Spa

BRONZE: Chill Spa at Hotel Terra


Best Salon

GOLD: Frost

SILVER: Champu

BRONZE: Jackson Parlour



Best Shop for Dropping Obscene Amounts of Cash

GOLD: Terra

SILVER: Teton Mountaineering



Best Rafting Company

GOLD: Dave Hansen Whitewater

SILVER: Mad River Boat Trips

BRONZE: Jackson Hole Whitewater


Best Snowmobiling Company

GOLD: Scenic Safaris

SILVER: Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals

BRONZE: Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours


Best Fishing Outfitter

GOLD: Snake River Angler

SILVER: Westbank Anglers

BRONZE: Grand Teton Fly Fishing


Best Gear Shop

GOLD: Headwall Sports

SILVER: Skinny Skis

BRONZE: Teton Mountaineering


Best Bike Shop

GOLD: Hoff’s Bikesmith

SILVER: Fitzgerald’s Bicycles

BRONZE: Hoback Sports


Best Veterinary Clinic

GOLD: Spring Creek Animal Hospital

SILVER: Jackson Animal Hospital

BRONZE: Animal Care Clinic


Best Yoga Spot

GOLD: Inversion Yoga

SILVER: Akasha Yoga Studio

BRONZE: Pursue Movement Studio


Best Specialty Fitness Studio

GOLD: Pursue Movement Studio

SILVER: Gym 22

BRONZE: Inversion Yoga


Best Pet Supply Store

GOLD:  Pet Place Plus

SILVER: Teton Tails Pet Boutique



Best Cleaning Company

GOLD: Blue Spruce Cleaning


BRONZE: White Glove


Best Place to Buy Booze

GOLD: The Liquor Store

SILVER: Lucky’s Market

BRONZE: Sidewinders


Best Florist

GOLD:  Lily & Co

SILVER: Floral Art

BRONZE: Fleur de V


Best Produce

GOLD: Jackson Whole Grocer

SILVER: Lucky’s Market

BRONZE: Farmer’s market


Best Bank

GOLD: Bank of Jackson Hole

SILVER: First Interstate

BRONZE: Bank of the West


Best Eco-Friendly Business

GOLD: Blue Spruce Cleaners

SILVER: Jackson Whole Grocer

BRONZE: Vertical Harvest


Best Radio Station

GOLD:  89.1/KHOL





Best Customer Service

GOLD: Merry Piglets

SILVER: Spring Creek Animal Hospital

BRONZE: Jackson Whole Grocer


Best Place to Buy Drugs

GOLD: Stone Drug

SILVER: Smith’s

BRONZE: Albertson’s


Best Shop to Buy Bling

GOLD: JC Jewelers


BRONZE: Thoenig’s Fine Jewlery


Best Resale Store

GOLD: Browse ‘N Buy


BRONZE: Headwall Sports


Best Local Website





Food + Drink

Best Restaurant

GOLD: Snake River Grill


BRONZE: Noodle Kitchen


Best New Restaurant

GOLD: Glorietta Trattoria

SILVER: Hand Fire Pizza

BRONZE: Orsetto


Best Chef

GOLD: Paulie O’Connor

SILVER: Alex Demmon

BRONZE: Josh Governale


Best Wait Staff

GOLD: Snake River Grill

SILVER: Merry Piglets

BRONZE: Noodle Kitchen


Best Bartender

GOLD: Samm Stuckley

SILVER: Cassie Pansze

BRONZE: Kyle Buxton


Best Local Food or Drink Producer

GOLD: Lockhart Cattle Co

SILVER: Melvin Brewing

BRONZE: Snake River Brewing

Best Chinese Restaurant

GOLD: Chinatown

SILVER: Noodle Kitchen

BRONZE: Hong Kong Buffet


Best Mexican Restaurant

GOLD: El Abuelito’s

SILVER: TIE: Pica’s / Merry Piglets



Best Thai Restaurant

GOLD: Teton Thai

SILVER: Thai Plate

BRONZE: Teton Tiger


Best Italian Restaurant

GOLD: Glorietta Trattoria

SILVER: Orsetto

BRONZE: Il Villaggio Osteria


Best “Under the Radar” Restaurant

GOLD: Thai Plate

SILVER: The Bird

BRONZE: Streetfood @ The Stagecoach


Best Sports Bar

GOLD: Eleanor’s

SILVER: Sidewinders

BRONZE: Cutty’s


Best Teton Valley Restaurant

GOLD: Teton Thai

SILVER: Forage



Best Take Out Food

GOLD: Chinatown

SILVER: Thai Plate

BRONZE: Teton Thai


Best Breakfast Joint

GOLD: Bubba’s Bar-B-Que

SILVER: The Virginian Restaurant

BRONZE: Persephone Bakery


Best Lunch Spot

GOLD: Picnic

SILVER: Cafe Genevieve



Best Coffee Shop

GOLD: Cowboy Coffee

SILVER: Picnic

BRONZE: Pearl Street Bagels


Best Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

GOLD: Persephone Bakery

SILVER: Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream

BRONZE: Coco Love


Best Baked Goods

GOLD: The Bunnery

SILVER: Picnic

BRONZE: Persephone Bakery


Best Breakfast Burrito

GOLD: Down On Glen

SILVER: Bubba’s Bar-B-Que

BRONZE: Sweet Cheeks Meats


Best BBQ

GOLD: Big Hole BBQ

SILVER: Bubba’s Bar-B-Que

BRONZE: Moe’s Original Bar B Que


Best Sandwich Shop

GOLD: Creekside Market

SILVER: New York City Sub Shop

BRONZE: Pearl Street Bagels


Best Soups

GOLD: Jackson Whole Grocer

SILVER: Noodle Kitchen

BRONZE: Pearl Street Bagels


Best Vegetarian Offerings

GOLD: Lotus

SILVER: Noodle Kitchen

BRONZE: Healthy Being Juicery

Best French Fries

GOLD: Local

SILVER: Liberty Burger

BRONZE: Trio American Bistro


Best Salsa

GOLD: Merry Piglets

SILVER: Pica’s

BRONZE: El Abuelito’s

Best Sushi

GOLD: King Sushi

SILVER: Sudachi

BRONZE: Kazumi



Best Wings

GOLD: Sidewinders

SILVER: The Bird

BRONZE: Moe’s Original Bar B Que


Best Burger

GOLD: Liberty Burger


BRONZE: The Bird


Best Pizza

GOLD: Pinky G’s Pizzeria

SILVER: Pizzeria Caldera

BRONZE: Cutty’s


Best Food On The Fly

GOLD: Everest Momo Shack

SILVER: Sweet Cheeks Meats

BRONZE: Nom Nom Doughnuts


Best Locally Roasted Beans

GOLD: Snake River Roasting Co.

SILVER: Cowboy Coffee

BRONZE: Jackson Hole Roasters


Best Pint of Locally Brewed Beer

GOLD: Wilson IPA Roadhouse Brewing

SILVER: 2×4 Double IPA Melvin Brewing

BRONZE: Jenny Lake Lager Snake River Brewing


Best Brewing Company

GOLD: Melvin Brewing

SILVER: Snake River Brewing

BRONZE: Roadhouse


Best Margarita

GOLD: Pica’s


BRONZE: Merry Piglets


Best Place to Après

GOLD: Alpenhof

SILVER: The Spur

BRONZE: Mangy Moose


Best Happy Hour

GOLD: Local

SILVER: Noodle Kitchen

BRONZE: White Buffalo Club


Best Bar

GOLD: Silver Dollar Bar


BRONZE: MillIon Dollar Cowboy Bar


Arts + Entertainment


Best Cover Band

GOLD: Sneaky Pete & the Secret Weapons

SILVER: Miller Sisters

BRONZE: Lazy Eyes


Best Annual Event

GOLD: Old Bill’s Fun Run

SILVER: Ultimate Towner

BRONZE: Fireman’s Ball


Best Band Playing Original Songs

GOLD: Sneaky Pete & the Secret Weapons

SILVER: One Ton Pig

BRONZE: Canyon Kids


Best Musician

GOLD: Peter “Chanman” Chandler

SILVER: Pam Drews Phillips

BRONZE: Jason Fritts


Best Classical Musician

GOLD: Byron Tomingas

SILVER: Pam Drews Phillips

BRONZE: Mimi Smith


Best Teton Valley Musician

GOLD: Miller Sisters

SILVER: Ben Winship

BRONZE: Pam Drews Phillips


Best Church Choir

GOLD: St. John’s Episcopal Church

SILVER: Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole

BRONZE: Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church


Best Club DJ

GOLD: DJ Londo


BRONZE: Cut la Whut


Best Live Entertainment Venue

GOLD: Pink Garter Theatre

SILVER: The Rose

BRONZE: Center for the Arts


Best Outdoor Concert Series

GOLD: Jackson Hole Live

SILVER: Music on Main

BRONZE: Concert on the


Best Local Sports Team

GOLD: Jackson Hole Moose Hockey

SILVER: Jackson Hole Juggernauts (Roller Derby)

BRONZE: The Swamp Donkeys (Broomball)


Best Shake-A-Day

GOLD: The Bird

SILVER: Eleanor’s

BRONZE: Cutty’s


Best Art Gallery

GOLD: Altamira Fine Art

SILVER: Tayloe Piggott Gallery

BRONZE: Heather James Gallery


Best Local Artist

GOLD: Amy Ringholz

SILVER: Nicole Gaitan

BRONZE: Kathryn Mapes Turner


Best Photographer

GOLD: David Swift

SILVER: Carrie Patterson

BRONZE: Ashley Merritt


Best Illustrator

GOLD: Tim Tomkinson

SILVER: Kelly Halpin

BRONZE: Ilka Hadlock


Best Actor/Actress

GOLD: Andrew Munz

SILVER: Harrison Ford

BRONZE: Brennan McGowan


Best Place To Get Your Groove On

GOLD: Disco Night @ The Stagecoach

SILVER: The Rose

BRONZE: Pink Garter Theatre



Best Late Night Hangout

GOLD: Pinky G’s

SILVER: The Rose

BRONZE: Million Dollar Cowboy Bar


Best Theater Production Company

GOLD: Off Square Theatre

SILVER: Jackson Hole Playhouse

BRONZE: Riot Act Inc.


Best Filmmaker

GOLD: Darrell Miller

SILVER: Teton Gravity Research

BRONZE: Jen Tennican


Best Ski Run

GOLD: The Hobacks

SILVER: Corbet’s Couloir



Best Liftee

GOLD: Riley Doyle

SILVER: Will Freihofer

BRONZE: Rob Holbrook


Best Golf Course

GOLD: JH Golf & Tennis

SILVER: Teton Pines

BRONZE: Shooting Star



Best Thing We Left Out (TOP 10)

Best Bus Driver

Best Hiking Trail

Best Nachos

Best Newspaper

Best Ski Instructor

Best Caterer

Best Dog Grooming

Best Coach

Best Thing About Living In Jackson

Best Pet Care

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