Jubilee Erupts

By on February 7, 2010


While out on the open road, I like to take occasional musical breaks from my ipod and explore the radio waves.  Of particular interest are the evangelical Christian stations that always seem to be present in the lonely stretches of country side.
There are reoccurring themes I find fascinating.  It baffles me how someone can die for your sins.  This defies common and karmic sense, but if repeated endlessly seems to somehow have deluded significant portions of our population.
It’s also disturbs me how readily “thou shalt not kill” is ignored as these groups tend to support pro-war Republican perspectives.
My hope in analyzing these supposed Christian oriented sermons is to someday hear about the biblical belief of Jubilee being applied to modern times.  This is the concept that all debts are forgiven every 50 years.  It’s debatable whether this event has ever occurred, but it is mentioned repeatedly in the Good Book.
Our national deficit is so large that a standard calculator is too small to compute it.  We’re hurtling past 12 trillion dollars in debt with no sign of stopping.  Upon reviewing the deceptive nature of how our Federal Reserve came to power and the reoccurring lies that led to the wars which are the primary reasons for borrowing from this privately held bank, one must question if we should, even if we could, repay this staggering toll.
The act of Jubilee becomes not only very appealing, but perhaps our only option of ever being free from the financial tyranny that’s been forced upon us all.  It’s clear that we are dealing with a new form of slavery.
Freedom can be fun when let go of our egos, tune into our hearts and collaborate in ways that are only now technologically possible.  And the geeks inherit the earth…

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  1. Jonas Harbaugh

    February 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    A common misconception is that Republicans always are pro war. The traditional conservative Republican does not support outlandish foreign policy like the Neo-Cons we have had in power in recent years. Many Americans don’t even realize we live in a Constitutional Republic, NOT A DEMOCRACY! In a Republic 99% of the population can not force decisions on the remaining 1%. The traditional roots of Republicans focus on non-interventionism and small government. What we see in the GOP today is a total scam, as is what we see in the Democratic party. True liberalism has nothing to do with the Socialist/Fascist agenda they are pressing on us today. The devout following of religion is one of the greatest distractions mankind has today. Religion basically teaches to follow without question, the way our government wants us to behave and not question anything they say and do.

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