PROPS & DISSES: 4.23.14

By on April 22, 2014
A punny t-shirt Photo: Katie Shackelford Holmes

A punny t-shirt Photo: Katie Shackelford Holmes

JACKSON, WYO – Lighter side of landslide PROP
Props have to be given to this diss. A newly printed T-shirt reads “Stone Drug Wins by a Landslide.” Whether you believe the new Walgreens was set to destroy the local pharmacy business or not, unless you’re a complete stoic you have to laugh at this punny T-shirt design. Katie Shackleford, a fervent supporter of Stone Drug, is ordering several to sell to family and friends for $10 each.

“Stone Drug is loved by this town, so it made sense to let people in town wear that love … and sarcasm,” she said.
And while we are on the subject of landslide word play, props must be given to Sidewinders Tavern for keeping a sense of humor through all the rock fall. Had a sudden acceleration of the hillside’s movement not kept them from reopening on Friday, the pub was planning on running a special on Rolling Rock beer and “slider” sandwiches. Now that their opening has been delayed indefinitely, who knows whether they will still be up for dishing the puns.

RV spots at Kudar become homes for longtime residents. Photo: KUDAR MOTEL

RV spots at Kudar become homes for longtime residents. Photo: KUDAR MOTEL

Outrageous rentals DISS
The forces of supply and demand are boosting Jackson rental prices. It’s a landlord’s market out there. With very few places for rent and what seems like an entire town (plus a new batch of 90-day wonders) playing musical apartments, Jackson landlords are happily raising rents to near-Manhattan levels. Longtime residents are forced to consider renting RV spots at Kudar Motel for $600 per month. At least summer temps allow for outdoor living, otherwise the Good Samaritan Mission might be overflowing.

The quirkier, the better PROP
Quilters rejoice! The Quilt Festival, scheduled for October 7-11, received an extra jolt of funding thanks to the latest round of special event sponsorship from the Travel and Tourism board. Thirty-two events received funding to bring more tourists to town through the shoulder seasons, including some rather fringy festivals like the Archaic Arts Festival. Call me a hipster, but I am always in favor of quirkier subculture in Jackson.

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