FEED ME! Bagel sandwiches worth the wait at PSB

By on April 22, 2014
We had to wait 20+ years for Pearl Street Bagels to do a breakfast sandwich, but this monster, in a sausage, bacon, or meatless variety, was worth the wait. Photo: Geraldine Mishev

We had to wait 20+ years for Pearl Street Bagels to do a breakfast sandwich, but this monster, in a sausage, bacon, or meatless variety, was worth the wait. Photo: Geraldine Mishev

JACKSON, WYO – It’s been one of those weeks. As of last Thursday I was still struggling with what to review for this week’s column.

That morning, biting into a salt bagel with a schmear of honey walnut cream cheese ($2.50) and sipping a triple, skinny caramel latte at Pearl Street Bagels (free after the purchase of 10 coffee drinks in a ceramic or travel mug), I was doubtful I would have the time to try a new place.

Friday morning, biting into the same flavor of bagel with the same cream cheese, as I do four out of five mornings, it dawned on me. I’ll review the place I frequent more than any other restaurant in this valley: Pearl Street Bagels.

I love Pearl Street Bagels throughout the year. I might be the only person in the valley who doesn’t care they do not offer to toast their bagels.

However, I really love Pearl Street in the off-season, when the line doesn’t stretch out the door, and I can have a quick conversation with Cassie, Erica, Polly, Diane, or any of the other amazing baristas who know my order without me having to say a word. (Sorry to any of you whose names I misspelled.)

And now, finally after 24 years, Pearl Street offers cash-and-carry breakfast bagel sandwiches. Having now had each of the different varieties, I can authoritatively state it was worth the wait.

The bacon, egg, and cheese ($5) is my favorite. Every time I get it, I’m impressed by exactly how much bacon comes on it. Stacked atop an organic fried egg and cheddar cheese and between a plain or everything bagel, it is a good portion of a pig. Biting through is no easy feat. Nor is it something I’d recommend attempting without first having your morning coffee. Good thing Pearl Street makes some of the best in town. (Full disclosure: I always get a double espresso ($2.50) so I can’t speak to their drip coffee.)

Other bagel sandwich varieties include egg, cheese and sausage ($5), and a meatless option ($4). All sandwiches are available on plain or everything bagels. These are not made to order. A finite amount are made every morning and kept in a hot box by the counter. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Until 6:30 a.m. the next morning.

Not a fan of carbs? A couple of weeks ago, Pearl Street restarted their summer smoothies ($4.50). It’s a different flavor most every day. And they only make one flavor a day. As my smoothie-savoring boyfriend sipped one last week he commented to a nearby barista about the one-flavor-a-day policy. He wasn’t complaining, but was curious. “We go with what’s freshest,” he was told. That day it was pineapple, peach and banana. He had them add yogurt for extra creaminess.

“This isn’t a flavor that I’d order if I had a menu of many to choose from, but it’s really good,” he said. Perhaps Pearl Street Bagels knows what’s best for us?

I’m currently in a monogamous, long-term relationship with the salt bagel/honey walnut cream cheese combo. My past relationships have been with a sesame bagel schmeared with Mexican cream cheese and a spinach feta bagel with fresh herb cream cheese. What’s a schmear? A one-ounce serving instead of the usual two ounces ($3.00).

Open daily 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 145 W. Pearl Avenue in Jackson and in Fish Creek Center in Wilson.

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