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By on June 5, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Rivers act like arteries, carrying the lifeblood of the planet. Damming, pollution, and overuse are just some of the problems facing many of America’s iconic waterways, including the treasured Snake River.

Snake River Fund, the watchdog of the Mad River, formed in 1998 in response to the Forest Service’s threat to introduce a fee system on the Snake because of increasing use and pressure. Snake River Fund launched a grassroots campaign to keep the Snake ‘fee free’ and has since assumed a more encompassing caretaking role, stewarding the upper Snake River watershed through many challenges with vision and community outreach.

The 15th annual Summit on the Snake takes place this weekend on Saturday, June 8. The event has been a must for fly-fishing guides and river runners looking to soak up informative bits about the wildlife, history, and ecology of the Snake River. The general public has been turning out in ever-increasing numbers as well, realizing that the prized local river contributes so much to the economy and ecology of Jackson Hole and beyond.

Bo Shelby

Bo Shelby

Ryan Mertaugh

Ryan Mertaugh

Herm Hoopes

Herm Hoopes

This year’s event will include breakfast, lunch, raffles, and numerous presentations delivered by knowledgeable experts including keynote speakers Bo Shelby and Doug Whittaker, along with featured guests Herm Hoopes, Chris Wight, Liz Sunshine, Mike Conlin, Tracy Stephens, Lara Gertsch, Rick Rickter, Dirk Kramer, Ryan Mertaugh, Jim Stackhouse, Steve Kilpatrick and more.

Find out how the native Snake River Cutthroat are doing, how inflatables saved the river, and what threats remain for the Snake moving forward.

Summit on the Snake, presented by Snake River Fund. Saturday, June 8, 2013, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call (307) 734-6773 for more info. $30 registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and raffle ticket. Payable at the door or online in advance.



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